Elevating the HGUC Z’Gok – Lighting Prep

This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing items through those links help support the continued creation of SuperHeavyWings content. During a recent overstock sale on mechawarehouse I found the HGUC Z’Gok for 20% off. I knew from the very moment I saw it in the sale section exactly what I wanted the final product to be.Continue reading “Elevating the HGUC Z’Gok – Lighting Prep”


This was the first kit we snapped together live on stream! Don’t forget you can always see us working on projects Monday nights starting at 7pm Easter time. This build features a single orange LED and switch/battery holder from Evan Designs and Child of Mecha decals Photographs taken on Samsung Galaxy S10e with camera setContinue reading “HGAC Leo”