This was the first kit we snapped together live on stream! Don’t forget you can always see us working on projects Monday nights starting at 7pm Easter time. This build features a single orange LED and switch/battery holder from Evan Designs and Child of Mecha decals Photographs taken on Samsung Galaxy S10e with camera setContinue reading “HGAC Leo”

Gundam Base Limited SD BB Senshi Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility

Featuring a custom designed Featherwing PCB for ease of plug and play control of different lighting groups, this Unicorn build includes 19 SMD LEDs from Evan Designs set to change modes on button press between glowing bottom up, full body pulsing glow, 1/4 power solid light, 1/2 power solid light, and full power solid light.Continue reading “Gundam Base Limited SD BB Senshi Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility”